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Getting Started / Disclaimer:

1) Download CyberApps® standard Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Note: Current language related to NDA on website is acceptable

2) Click on Develop Application hyperlink and provide your contact information, a description of your concept iPhone or iPad application, the envisioned scope of work and your budget.

Note: I changed “Development Application Quote” hyperlink name to Develop Application name.

Note 1: Change current .pdf formatted NDA to modified new version of MIT formatted (formatted for CyberApps) NDA and upload the document in Word format (I don’t want to sign the NDA because this appears too legally rigid; make sure the document is in a simple Word format and not signed so that potential customer can modify the language in the document if they want to).

Disclaimer: CyberApps® cannot guarantee that Apple, Inc. will accept any application the Company develops.




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